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Last minute shopper? Still want your loved one to feel like you thought it through months ago? Here are some awesome thoughtful gifts for our NW couples that we know you’ll love. Shop now – while you’re snowed in! We know we are;)

Reasons Why I Love You Chalkboard
Keep the love going by reminding your loved one the reasons why they are so special to you. The chalkboard fun allows you to update it whenever you feel the need.Available in 8×10″ sizes all the way up to 18×24″
Found Here: ReasonsWhyILoveYouChalkboard

Carved Heart Brasswood Plaque
Always wanted to carve your names in a tree like old school sweethearts? Done. Sweethearts Carved names placed on an easel for a special home décor piece.
Found here: CarvedHeartBrasswoodPlaque

Picnic Back Pack – Ready for a Romantic Getaway
Nothing says “you and me” time like a picnic backpack fitted with a blanket, wine holder, cheese board and all the utensils you could need for quiet time together in the great NW.
This one also has the bang for the buck.
Found here: PicnicForTwoBackpack

Loved One Stamped Pendant: For Her
We love that you can place all your loved ones names on here. Such an awesome look to this jewelry and truly thoughtful.
Found Here: LovedOneStampedPendant

Natural Wood Watch: For Him
Keep it natural and awesome with this Natural Wood Watch for Him. We love this look – also available in dark wood.
Found here: NaturalWoodWatch

Slate Heart Cheese Server
Nothing says love like a heart slate filled with your favorite cheeses to pair with your favorite NW wine.
Found here: SlateHeartServer

Love Letter Napkins
Yes, we love. These love letters are from literary greats Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, D.H. Lawrence, and Jack London. Such a romantic add to any special candlelit dinner at home.
Found Here: LoveLetterNapkins

What I love about YOU by ME Book
Fill in the blank to customize this sweet way for him/her to count the ways you appreciate and love them. Great find!
Found here: WhatILoveAboutYOUbyMeBook

Lips & Mustache Customized His/hers Pillows
This was too adorable to pass on. Customize with your names for a fun gift for you and your sweetheart.
Found Here: HisHersPillows

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